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Heart op dad to complete swimathon with just one arm

A young dad, who is trying to swim the equivalent of the English Channel and back, has been told by doctors that because of a heart condition he can only use one arm.

Andy Coghlan, from North Walsham, is 35 miles into a swimathon despite only being able to use one arm.

When he began the charity challenge he was able to swim normally but Andy has a heart condition and 17 miles in he was rushed to hospital.

Surgeons repaired a fault in his internal pacemaker and defibrillator and he is now able to swim again.

But doctors say he cannot use his left arm because it would cause complications.

Andy Coghlan attempting a 52-mile swim for the British Heart Foundation, Credit: ITV Anglia

"Well, I'm not going round and round in circles which is what most people think, it's slower but I am getting there. I've done 35 miles so far of 52 which is the equivalent of Dover- Calais return so yeah doing pretty well so far."

– Andy Coghlan, Heart patient

Andy was born with a condition called Fallot's Tetralogy. At 20 months he had a hold in the heart repaired and a pacemaker fitted. At 15 he was given a pulmonary valve from a donor - now he is hoping to meet that donor's family to say thank you for his life.

Andy has already raised £1100 for the British Heart Foundation. He is swimming two and a half miles a week at his local Victory Pool in North Walsham. Each mile is 64 lengths of the pool.

He has had to develop his own style but he is confident he will finish on April 28th.

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