Norfolk woman, Vi Malin, celebrates her 110th birthday

110 year old Vi Malin. Credit: ITV Anglia

Vi Malin, from King's Lynn, is celebrating her 110th birthday today, making her the 13th oldest person in the country.

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Vi was born in Ipswich but spent most of her life in Sheffield before moving back to East Anglia to be near her family. She's lived through two world wars, lost her parents in the 1953 floods and was happily married to Jack for 62 years.

"I've never thought about my age, I've never thought now I'm going to be 80 or 90, I've just got on with the years"

Vi Malin, 110 today

Today, family from across the country gathered to celebrate her 110th birthday and read her seventh card from the Queen. Vi puts her longevity down to a happy outlook on life.