"Champing"- church camping expands across the East

Credit: ITV News Anglia

Now if you're put off camping because you can never rely on the weather than perhaps you could try "champing" which is camping inside a church.

The idea started in Northamptonshire. Now 10 redundant churches are opening their doors to overnight guests from May. Seven are here in East Anglia- including three in Cambridgeshire.

St Michael the Archangel at Booton near Reepham in Norfolk is one of the churches taking part in Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It's my perfect form of camping because not only do you get to feel a little bit adventurous. You're outside in the countryside in a beautiful place but you don't have to stay in a tent. You've got a beautiful building to shelter you from the elements."

PETER AIERS Director, Churches Conservation Trust in the South East

The Churches Conservation Trust looks after 347 historic churches across England and first trialled champing in Northamptonshire two years ago.

To stay costs £55 per person including breakfast but you can take your own food and drink.