Oldest runner says marathon days are at an end

Iva Barr took part in her 20th London Marathon at the age of 88 Credit: ITV Anglia

Ivar Barr the veteran marathon runner from Bedford has decided to hang up her running shoes after this year's London Marathon.

Iva, who's 88, was taking part in the marathon for the 20th time and was one of the oldest runners.

She managed an incredible 18 miles, but had to pull out just 8 miles before the end.

Iva says her back's a bit sore, and she really wanted to finish, but she's she "had a ball." She wants to thank everyone for their support, and said everyone knew who she was.

And she did get a medal. After showing her grandson Sareed the sights of London, she went to the finishing line. They were clearing up, but they wanted her to have a medal - having raised 10,000 pounds for a children's charity she's certainly earned it.