Mixed fortunes for major parties as UKIP make further gains

Conservatives celebrate victory in Peterborough. Credit: ITV News Anglia

UKIP have made further gains in the local elections in the Anglia region and the Conservatives have won back control in Peterborough.

The Conservatives won the most council seats in the region with 44% of the 479 councillors elected. But the party also made the biggest losses down by 16 councillors overall.

It was a mixed picture for Labour and the Liberal Democrats making gains on some councils while losing ground on others. Overall both parties came out of the 2016 election with more councillors in the region.

The Greens suffered a set-back in Norwich, where they are the main opposition party, by losing four councillors

The Conservative won the most council seats in the Anglia region but lost the most councillors. Credit: ITV News Anglia

There were elections for nearly 500 councillors on 22 councils across the Anglia region.

The Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats broadly held ground at the expense of the Greens and Independent councillors.

UKIP made big gains in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk and Thurrock in Essex.

UKIP made gains in East Anglia particularly in Thurrock and Great Yarmouth. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Council results in the Anglia region

Not all councils in the Anglia region had elections on Thursday 5 May 2016 and only one-third of seats were up for election on most of the councils

Turnout was low in many areas with two in three voters staying at home.

Not all areas of the Anglia region held council elections but there was voting for Police and Crime Commissioners everywhere.

The votes will PCCs will be counted during the day on Friday with results expected to be declared during the afternoon.