It was a good night for Labour across the East. They didn't win any councils but held on to the ones they controlled.

In Norwich, they increased their majority further by taking seats from the Green Party. They also remain in control of Ipswich, Stevenage, Harlow and Cambridge.

Luton South MP said it was an overall good result thanks to great operations on the ground.

"It's been a night where Labour have outperformed their own expectations, gaining seats in places like Cambridge. Overall it's a good result, but we need to make more progress against the Tories...but we'll take that tonight."

Gavin Shuker MP, Lab, Luton South

But Essex MP Bernard Jenkin says the issue of Europe played its part in the results across the region.

"Labour are losing seats when they should be gaining seats and they're obviously in terrible trouble . For UKIP to make big strides, reflects the fact the EU is in people's minds because of the forthcoming referendum".

Bernard Jenkin MP, Con, Harwich and North Essex

The Conservatives won the only council to change hands in the East.

They made a shock gain by taking control of Peterborough Council. It had previously been a hung council.

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson said his party had a solid performance, and to take control from no overall control is a pretty good result.

"We've had a solid performance and made some pretty strong gains from Labour in my constituency. In a sense it's a good result for everyone, even though we're told constantly that the public hate all politicians, so it's a great result for all four main parties." >

Stewart Jackson MP, Con Peterborough