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All parents have been there... sending their children off to school fully kitted out in uniform, but by the time they come home, half of it's gone missing.

So two mothers have decided to swap name tags for something more normally seen in the supermarket - they're making unique barcodes to stick onto children's clothes.

They claim it's more effective more old-fashioned name tag.

"The name tags have never worked, it's a historic problem.

Tracy Baker, mum-of-five

The idea is that parents and teachers can scan the barcode on an app to find out who the clothes belong to.

The barcodes are being trialled at their children's school in Milton Keynes.

The concept was thought up by two mums from Milton Keynes. Credit: ITV Anglia

"These mums have come up with an idea and we say, if it's going to work, go for it, good luck, and it will hopefully help the children, help families and help us get rid of some of the lost jumpers and coats that block up our corridors and our cloakrooms."

Nick Hearn, Headteacher at Broughton Fields Primary School
The barcodes are being trialled at a primary school in Milton Keynes. Credit: ITV Anglia

It'll still be up to parents to actually put the barcodes on the clothes. But it's a high tech attempt to make lost property a thing of the past.