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Strange tale of peacocks on the rampage in market town

People in Beccles say rampaging peacocks are making their lives a misery Photo: ITV

It seems the town of Beccles on the Norfolk\Suffolk border is under threat from rampaging peacocks.

Some local people say they're destroying gardens and even damaging cars.

Local councillor Graham Elliott says he's had lots of calls from people complaining about the birds.

"The numbers are increasing, he admits "The damage might seem small scale but it's persistent it can be very significant for people."

He thinks there are about seven roving round the town. So far, they've resisted attempts to catch them.

Melanie Goodwin has had several in her garden and they're proving a nuisance.

" When we first moved here they were in the garden four or five times a day, every day so that was quite hard because they can do an awful lot of damage. It's the wrong environment for them. It's not their fault., They need to be on an estate somewhere."

– Melanie Goodwin

If they can be rounded up, a local farm is happy to take them.

But not everyone sees them as a threat. Matt Wylds has a fishmonger stall in Beccles but he's not spotted any.

A peacock sneaks round a corner in Beccles Credit: ITV Anglia

"I might have to think about employing security," he said. "I'm sure they'd love a bit of my fish - but it's far too expensive for them!"

– Matt Wylds, Fishmonger