Missing climber found dead after attempt to scale Vietnam's highest mountain


The search for a missing climber from Norfolk has ended in tragedy after his body was found almost a week after he was last seen.

Aiden Webb, 22, went missing after setting out to climb the 10,312ft Fansipan Mountain, near Sa Pa in northwest Vietnam on Saturday.

Forest rangers spent a week searching for him before drones were brought in to reach down ravines.

Aiden, from Norwich, was a keen mountain climber but he injured himself after getting into trouble during the climb last week.

He had been keeping in contact with his girlfriend, Bluebell Baughan, through Facebook messenger but her messages stopped delivering to his phone.

The climber had told Bluebell not to get help for him as he was "determined" to get to the top.

But he finally agreed after becoming cold and suffering a serious cut on his arm that was bleeding heavily. He sent Bluebell his location, however local media reported a 150 strong search party could not find him at the coordinates he sent.

Rangers eventually found his body yesterday (June 8) at 12.50 local time.

Concerned family members had continuously been sharing updates and pictures of the experienced climber and his father Trevor, and uncle Michael, flew out to help.

A donation page which was set up to help pay volunteers for the search raised £6,000 in just three days.

Recent posts had spoken of climbing, caving and motorbiking. Credit: Go Fund Me.

He had studied drama at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where he met his girlfriend, Bluebell.

His recent Facebook posts have spoken of trekking up mountains, caving and motorbiking during his Vietnam visit.

Days before he went missing he posted about completing his first "official free soloing rock climb" on May 28.

His post said: