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Boris Johnson arrives in the East to promote Leave campaign

Boris Johnson MP visits Sam Cole Foods fish processing factory in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Credit: PA

There's just a week to go until the EU Referendum and campaigners for Brexit and Remain are out in force.

Today, Boris Johnson has been drumming up support in Suffolk for the campaign to leave the EU.

The former Mayor of London was shown how to fillet a salmon by fishermen in Lowestoft.

The Tory MP declared Credit: PA

Johnson pledged that leaving the European Union would help the UK 'take back control' of its fishing industry and ensure North Sea fish is more fairly distributed.

We think we'd get more boats coming to Lowestoft.

We hope that carries your core support.

– Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has dismissed suggestions he should become prime minister after being hailed for having the "balls" to run the country should Britain leave the EU.

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown at The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University. Credit: PA

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has been campaigning to remain in the EU, saying it would provide more jobs and opportunities.

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