Thundery weather sets off twisters in East Anglia

A funnel cloud developing over King's Lynn at 4.40pm on Wednesday viewed from Middleton. Credit: Keith Nicholson

The stormy weather conditions across the Anglia region have set off funnel cloud twisters in west Norfolk.

Funnel clouds are formed from the base of thunderstorm clouds by a vortex of spinning air. If the develop all the way to the ground they become tornadoes.

Jim Swalwell sent pictures of several funnel clouds to ITV News Anglia.

He said: "Two of the three funnel clouds were seen looking NNW from East Winch at 4.45 pm on Wednesday. They dissipated very quickly and only the third one looked as though it was heading for the ground."

A funnel cloud spotted in East Winch near King's Lynn in Norfolk on Wednesday 15 June 2016. Credit: Jim Swalwell
Another funnel cloud at East Winch was seen to be developing towards the ground. Credit: Jim Swalwell

It has been a stormy week across the Anglia region with the Met Office issuing weather warnings for thunderstorms and torrential downpours for seven days in a row.

The heavy rain has seen the level of rain that usually falls in several days falling in just an hour putting pressure on drainage systems and producing localised flash flooding.

Tibenham airfield in south Norfolk saw 10 mm (0.4 inches) of rain in an hour on Wednesday between 2pm and 3pm.

Lightning in Chelmsford, Essex during the evening of Sunday 12 June 2016. Credit: Shantelle Robinson
Lightning in Luton, Bedfordshire on Sunday 12 June 2016. Credit: Roy Singleton