Robot companions could help out with care for the elderly

Elderly people who live on their own could soon have a robot companion to help out thanks to a new project at the University of Hertfordshire.

Students there have been working on robots that could help us to stay in our homes as we age.

Now a state-of-the-art robot house has been set up to allow students from other universities to learn to programme the 'care robot'.

The robot house is open to all UK undergraduate and postgraduate students as part of the first ever UK National Robotics week.

The 'care robot' in action at a special robot house in Hertfordshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I would like to see that robots can assist people in their home, acting as companion, providing assistance for them, so to allow them to live independently so basically for elderly user allow them to live longer in their own home environment rather than just going to the care home when they have some minor difficulties in living by themselves."

Kheng Lee Koay, Computer Science researcher, University of Hertfordshire