1. ITV Report

Rescue teams practice dealing with summer forest fires

During a hot spell large areas of woodland like Thetford Forest are at risk of wildfire. Today, teams from across our region and the UK pulled together in a major training exercise to learn how to deal with it.

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Five of the country's 51 high volume pumps (HVPs) were brought into the forest to pump gallons of water from the Little Ouse river at Santon Downham along 13 kilometres of water.

"when the incident commander in charge first turns up, he's going to be looking for things such as the type of vegetation involved. The age of the trees, because the younger trees will burn faster than the older ones. He'll be looking at the lay of the land as well. If a fire is burning up a hill it will burn quicker. If it's burning downhill it will start to slow down"

– Ray Harcourt, Wildfire Officer, Norfolk

The exercise also involved a search for a missing person