Good news for brewers as Norfolk's Maris Otter barley brings in a good yield

Harvesting the last of the Maris Otter barley in Norfolk. Credit: ITV Anglia.

It might not be the big boy of the barley world but the Maris Otter is very important to Norfolk. 90% of the country's Otter barley is produced under the big skies of the North Norfolk coastline and is used by real ale breweries in 20 countries across the world, including Woodfordes in Woodbastwick, Norfolk.

Maris Otter is less than 10% of the barley used to make beer in Britain. But malt produced from the 2016 crop will still be able to make 450 million pints of craft beer. Other barley-producing farmers are seeing a decrease in yield of winter barley, due to the wet conditions, so it's good to know there's still a demand for homegrown products.

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