It normally resides in the swamps of Southern Europe and Africa but has decided the lagoons of Minsmere in Suffolk are more to its liking. A 'wild' Purple Swamp Hen has never been seen in the British Isles before but it's showing itself several times a day at the RSPB reserve.

More than a thousand birdwatchers have come from across the country to see the bird, which is about the size of a chicken and looks like a fancy coloured moorhen.

"We're getting more and more records of birds from Southern Europe turning up in Britain which is possibly a pre curser to climate change, dispersal and spreading their range. Birds like cattle egret and glossy ibis didn't use to be here and are arriving here with much more frequency. This could be the first of several."

Ian Barthorpe, RSPB

As the swamps of Southern Europe dry up we could be seeing many more 'Swampy's on our waters.

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