Stevenage singer releases song inspired by visit to Rio ahead of the Olympics

Kelly Oliver was inspired by her visit to Rio. Credit: Kelly Oliver

Many of us are bound to be inspired by the Olympics - and it was a visit to Rio that inspired a singer/songwriter from Stevenage to follow her dreams.

26-year-old Kelly Oliver was travelling in Brazil a few years ago - when she decided to pursue a career in the music industry.

When she got back home, she took the plunge and has just released her new single - which is, of course, called "Rio".

The song's now been played on Radio 2 and at festivals across the country.

"It's a really vibrant city, it's full of life and full of music," she told ITV News Anglia.

"Everybody there is just really lovely and I think it just made me realise that I have a lot of opportunities back here."