Following the deaths of a couple and their dog on Wroxham Broad in June a campaign has been launched to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide. It's thought a faulty engine may have caused the pair to be overwhelmed by CO.

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The Maritime Accident Investigation Branch has put out a video highlighting the dangers of not having enough ventilation in boat cabins. And ensuring you check all heating and cooking appliances and don't bring in barbecues to the boat. The symptoms for carbon monoxide poisoning are similar to flu: * Headaches * Dizziness * Nausea * Tiredness * Shortness of breath

"People read about it, hear about it but don't think it'll happen to them. But just like tents and caravans, boats can be accommodation on the water and people do block up vents or have faulty appliances. It's always best to be aware and just check everything before you bed down for the night"

Pc Paul Bassham, Norfolk Police

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