Landowner, Peter Purdy, has been finding Roman relics on his family farm in Aylsham since he was a lad. Norwich Castle Museum confirmed that the bits of pottery and coins were in fact from an ancient civilisation and he's finally raised enough money to excavate some of the land.

Archaeologists from Britannia Archaeology scanned the field and discovered ancient kilns and pottery. Using up to 60 local people as volunteers they are busy digging them all up.

"This is massively important because its going to help us tie in Aylsham into the wider historic landscape. We obviously have a link to the Iceni and the Boudica rebellion and everything else that happened in this area. So to have this farmstead here or a villa which is processing things locally, producing food for the local area. It's massively important."

Martin Brook, Britannia Archaeology

Peter and the team hope to raise enough money to excavate the whole 30 acres. It could take decades.

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