Dramatic video: Coach company praises driver after passengers escape dramatic fire uninjured

A video of the fire was captured by @Keaton_S and posted on Twitter. Credit: Twitter / @Keaton_S

Video: Twitter / @Keaton_S

The boss of a Luton-based coach company says the quick actions of his driver helped avoid any injuries during a dramatic fire on the A11 in Norfolk yesterday.

The blaze broke out as the bus passed Wymondham during rush hour at about 6pm.

There were 71 passengers on board and all escaped unhurt.

The managing director of Three Star Coaches, whose passengers had come from Luton, praised the driver and one of the passengers who worked quickly to keep everyone safe.

A van driver stopped to help, handing over his fire extinguisher to try to put out the blaze.

Mr Dudley said police were satisfied there were no suspicious circumstances but his company would carry out its own investigation, beginning on Monday, to discover the cause of the blaze.