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Bedfordshire home destroyed by major fire

A property was severely damaged by a fire in Bedfordshire Credit: Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue

A Bedfordshire home has been destroyed after a serious fire swept through the property on Friday.

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service were called the house in Haynes Silver at 9.45am to reports of a shed fire.

Within minutes, the fire spread from the shed at the rear of the property to the main house which caused the roof to collapse in.

The intensity of the fire was increased, after it ignited a 500 litre heating oil storage tank which had just been filled.

The fire spread from the shed at the rear of the property to the two-storey house Credit: Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue

It took us some time to get the fire under control, while also protecting other houses around it from the intense heat and flames.

We used the Aerial Platform to pour water on the fire from height while crews fought it from the ground simultaneously. By 11:23 we had the fire under control and extinguished.

The home owner was present in the house when the fire started and was alerted to it by the crackling sounds at the back of the house.

He sustained minor burns and we treated him at the scene before passing him into the care of paramedics.

– Station Commander Trevor Gradwell-Smith

Firefighters from Bedford and Kempston used two jets, two fire hoses and a covering jet to extinguish the blaze.

It destroyed 75% of the house, a shed and a neighbouring garage.

Police are currently investigating the cause of the fire.