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Would EU believe it? Council tells man he must remove flag from his home

A man, who painted a giant EU flag on the side of his home, has been ordered to remove it by his local council.

Bren Goillon, from Helhoughton near Fakenham in Norfolk, painted the giant flag to show his sadness at the Brexit decision. He even replaced one of the 12 stars with a teardrop.

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EU flag in Helhoughton in Norfolk. Credit: ITV Anglia

"It was a little bit spur of the moment, we were disappointed with the Referendum result and just decided to mark it in someway and put up some expression of our grief at departing from our European friends."

– Bren Goillon

North Norfolk Council says the painting is in breach of advertisement regulations and impairs the visual amenity of the area. They say to keep it he would need planning permission but would be unlikely to get it.

" The rules governing conservation areas mean he cannot express himself permanently on the side of his house. We do not wish to stop Mr Goillon making his feelings in response to the EU Referendum widely known, it is just that he can't do it in this way."

– North Norfolk Councillor Sue Arnold

He has until September the 19th to remove it and he says he will.