1. ITV Report

Dozens of volunteers carry out emergency evacuation exercise at Norfolk school

Following extensive flooding in 2013 and the recent Regent Road fire in Great Yarmouth, dozens of volunteers have been carrying out a simulated emergency evacuation at Ormiston Venture Academy in Gorleston.

Volunteers help deal with 'evacuees'. Credit: ITV Anglia.

More than 30 'evacuees' were brought to the school with a variety of physical and emotional needs and dealt with by volunteers. The training was provided in case another major event occurs within the area.

"Test runs like this make sure that we've got everything in place. We're a big building with fantastic facilities and the fact we can be creative and use those facilities,. not just to support learning during the week but if a scenario comes up like this, the fantastic work that needs to be done to support the community, then we'll be creative and use the building how it can be used"

– Simon Gilbert-Barnham. Headteacher