Kitten left for dead tied up in pillow case

"Snowy" the kitten was found tied up in a pillow case in Suffolk. Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is investigating after a kitten was found tied up in a pillow case on a pile of grass cuttings in Suffolk.

The black kitten, nicknamed Snowy, is thought to be about six months old and was found at Lound near Lowestoft on Thursday 8 September.

The kitten was found dumped on a pile of grass cuttings any may have been thrown over a hedge. Credit: RSPCA

The kitten was discovered at around 8am but the pillowcase was reportedly dry, suggesting it had not been there overnight where it would have most likely become damp following the misty weather overnight.

The RSPCA says there were also no footprints around the grass heap, which may also suggest that the kitten had been thrown over the nearby hedge.

A pillow case with a floral design was used to tie up by the kitten. Credit: RSPCA

The kitten is being cared for at RSPCA Norwich and Mid Norfolk branch.

She is said to be doing very well and is extremely sweet and playful, despite her ordeal.

If no owner comes forward to claim her after seven days, she will then be able to be re-homed when she is ready.

  • Anyone with information can call the RSPCS inspector’s appeal line on 0300 123 8018