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CCTV captured dramatic moment Samsung phone explodes as couple have dinner

This is the dramatic moment a woman’s phone overheats and goes up in smoke.

Sarah Crockett’s Samsung S7 can be seen filling Hold The Anchovies restaurant in Witham, Essex, with fumes after it caught fire.

Sarah said she was "really lucky" it didn't explode in her hand or when her children were around.

It's more scary to think what could have happened. We're really lucky, obviously, that it didn't explode that bad in my hand.

It could have burnt me, I've got small children, it could have burnt them. I could have been so, so much worse.

– Sarah Crockett
Charred and melted - the phone after the incident.

Sarah feels that Samsung didn't deal with problem as well as they could have

I didn't feel like they were listening. He asked me to turn it back on but there was no button. It had completely melted! I was promised a call back, I didn't get one so I phoned them back again, got promised another call back, didn't get one.

– Sarah Crockett.

Samsung have issued a statement about Sarah's case

“There are no known safety issues with Galaxy S7 devices. Samsung takes customer queries extremely seriously and enquiries are investigated and dealt with on a case by case basis. This issue is currently being investigated and our customer services team is in contact with the customer regarding the matter.”

– Samsung