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12 kittens abandoned to die in Norfolk

Some of the kittens found abandoned in Norfolk Credit: RSPCA

12 kittens have been found abandoned and apparently left to die in Norfolk.

The RSPCA were called to a report of kittens abandoned near a dog waste bin in Well Hall Lane in Gayton, near King’s Lynn in Norfolk yesterday (Monday) lunchtime

There were 12 kittens which are thought to be from two litters, eight kittens about three weeks old and another four kittens who are about five-weeks old.

The kittens are being cared for by an RSPCA branch until they are old enough to be rehomed.

An RSPCA spokesperson said:

“These kittens are young and vulnerable and should still have been with their mothers, not dumped on the side of a road where they could have died if they hadn’t been found.

We want to hear from anyone who knows where these kittens have come from. Anyone with information can contact us on 0300 0300 123 8018.”