France honours 103-year-old nurse for her wartime bravery

Mada Clare who has been awarded one of France's highest honours for her wartime bravery

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A 103-year-old nurse who served with British troops throughout the Second World War has received one of France's highest honours.

Mada Clare landed in France in 1944 and worked as a nurse treating casualties of the fighting until the Nazis were defeated nearly a year later.

Her bravery has now been recognised with the award of France's Legion of Honour which was given to her at a ceremony at the care home in Ipswich where she now lives.

Mada said: "We were there to deal with the casualties first hand, then we moved on, left the patients in the field hospitals to be nursed and as the army progressed we followed on.

"I feel it more looking back now, at the time I just went on working you don't think about it, but when it's all over, yes you think about it all."

After D-Day, Mada followed the fighting through France, Belgium, Holland and finally Germany where she witnessed the liberation of Belsen concentration camp.

Graham Laight, Mada's nephew, said: "She does remember way back to some of the nastiest bits and she remembers nursing in Belsen for example but she's also very proud of the fact that she was there to help the people when Belsen was discovered."

Mada and her nursing colleagues served with British troops throughout the war

Kristy Smith, of the Alice Grange care home, said Mada was always full of joy. "At 103 she still gets love and laughter out of life. You go in, she's pleased to see you, to know the things she's seen and she can still see so much joy.

"She's amazing today, amazing then, amazing tomorrow. She's wonderful!"