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Three-foot-long injured python found in field

A three-foot-long royal python has been found loose in a field in Essex, and the RSPCA are appealing for help to trace its owner.

The royal python was found in a field in Essex Credit: RSPCA

The snake was found injured near Colchester on Tuesday 4 October. A local man took it home and called the charity, which is now providing specialist care at the South Essex Wildlife Hospital.

The charity says it was in a poor condition, with scarring on its head which looks like it had been caused by burns.

It’s difficult to know how this python came to end up in the middle of nowhere but he wouldn’t have survived for long in the cold, October weather.

The snake may have escaped from a vivarium or, sadly, may have been abandoned.

The RSPCA is seeing a growing number of exotic animals - like snakes - being abandoned because they are too much of a commitment for some people.

They need specialist care and specific conditions to survive and a lot of people don’t realise what they are taking on when they buy them. We would urge any prospective buyers to do their research before getting a snake like this.

– Donna Smith, RSPCA Collection Officer