Norwich cyclist Vicky Williamson in 'no rush to get back on the track'

Vicky says she is grateful not to be paralysed after the crash Credit: ITV News Anglia

Video report by ITV News Anglia's Donovan Blake.

Team GB's Vicky Williamson says she is in no rush to get back on the track, after suffering serious injuries in a crash in Holland nine months ago.

The Norwich-born cyclist fractured her neck and back, dislocated her pelvis and slipped a disc in her neck after colliding with Elis Ligtlee during the omnium final.

After the crash Vicky was told she would never walk again. She says she was lucky not to be paralysed.

Vicky feared that her career would be over after the crash Credit: Vicky Williamson

Vicky is hoping to slowly get back onto the track and says she she couldn't have done it without the support of her family.

A thumbs up from Vicky from her hospital bed Credit: Vicky Williamson

Vicky is set to get married next year, and says she is happy that she is still here and will now try her hardest to get back where she was.

Vicky sustained a dislocated and broken pelvis with damaged vertebrae in her back and neck Credit: Vicky Williamson

Having missed out on the Rio Olympics, Vicky is now targeting the next Commonwealth games. She says it is amazing to be walking again, let alone thinking about competing.