Eric Morecambe's widow burgled while she attends statue unveiling

Joan Morecambe, widow of late comedian Eric Morecambe. Credit: PA Images

Video report by ITV News' Matthew Hudson

Thieves raided the home of Eric Morecambe’s widow while she was unveiling a new statue of the comedy legend and his partner Ernie Wise last weekend.

It should have been a proud and perfect family occasion but on returning to her home in Harpenden Mrs Bartholmew discovered her house had been burgled and a number of items of jewellery stolen.

It's thought the thieves learned she was away through social media.

In a statement to the media Eric Morecombe's son Gary, who was with his mother at the time of the break in said: "There wasn't masses of damage. My mum is a very realistic person. She doesn't like to make herself into a victim. It's just the way it is. I guess that's the power of social media. They must have known she was away."

Eric Morecombe moved to Hertfordshire in 1969 and was a popular figure here until his death in 1984.

A dedicated Hatter he was a director, then vice president of Luton Town FC.

In Harpendon some expressed their concern that his 89 year old widow has been a crime victim.

Eric Morecombe was a director, then vice president of Luton Town FC.

Hertfordshire Police say they are investigating the break in and have confirmed a number of items were taken.