Meet Nelson, the prickly customer who's a lot less spiky than he used to be

Nelson the bald hedgehog. Credit: ITV Anglia.

When John and Tonia Garner took in a poorly and dishevelled hedgehog 18 months ago they had no idea he would eventually become bald. Nelson arrived with just 40 spikes and soon lost them all. He wouldn't survive without his insulation and protection so the couple have given him a home at their Hemsby rescue centre, Foxy Lodge.

The couple have taken in sick and wounded wildlife for 8 years, including a blind fox, deer, guillemot and countless birds and squirrels.

"Because we take in about 1000 casualties a year, obviously everything that can be released is. That's the best part of all because to actually see something fly or run away that came in with a broken leg or wing, hit by a car, that's the end result. Job done."

John Garner, Foxy Lodge Wildlife Rescue

The couple are always looking for donations, you can find out more about their work here

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