An inquest has heard how a teenage girl from Norfolk took her own life after fearing a text message had ended a friendship.

14-year-old Jessica Collins was found unresponsive on her bunk bed on 6 July.

She had taken an overdose of antidepressants in the room she shared with her younger sister.

Norfolk area coroner Yvonne Blake recorded a verdict of suicide. She said an incident involving a text message sent by Jessica appeared to have been the trigger.

Ms Blake said friends described having a conversation with Jessica the day before her death about a text message she allegedly sent around Christmas time.

The inquest heard that Jessica eventually admitted sending the text, but the contents of the alleged message were not disclosed.

"[Her friends] said she was apologetic for not telling them and was disappointed in herself.

Yvonne Blake, Norfolk area coroner

Ms Blake said Jessica had "felt she was fat and ugly despite all the evidence to the contrary".

"Youngsters nowadays seem to be incredibly pressured, especially by things like Facebook and telephone messages.

Yvonne Blake, Norfolk area coroner

Jessica was a pupil at the Cliff Park Ormiston Academy in Gorleston.

Praise from teachers was read out at the inquest, including one who said she was "incredibly intelligent" and another who said she was "always smiling".

"We love and miss Jessica terribly. Everything has changed."

Family of Jessica Collins