It's a bit unusual and probably something that many drivers aren't use to seeing on the road....quite literally!

The £500,000 traffic-calming feature, called the 'ghost roundabout' has been designed in Cambridge to confuse drivers into slowing down.

The 'ghost roundabout'- a cobbled brick circle - has been installed on the road and pavement along Tenison Road and working as an alternative to speed bumps.

The 'UFO landing pad' has been constructed over nine months, but drivers using the road in Cambridge have labelled it as a "hazard".

Looks like a safety disaster in the making, road users need clear and consistent layouts.

Matthew Morrison
Will this new feature work to calm traffic? Credit: ITV News Anglia

But Cambridgeshire County Council say it's a feature on the road that was agreed by residents and councillors.

This was supported and promoted throughout the development of the scheme by the local steering group made up of councillors, residents and other stakeholders, such as representatives from the Cambridge Cycle Campaign.

Cambridgeshire County Council