Cambridge crowned the bike theft capital of Britain

It's been revealed that the bike theft capital of the UK is here in the Anglia region.

Cambridge is the worst place in the country to leave your bike, after more than 2,000 of them were stolen in the city over the past year.

The findings, which are based on police crime figures, show that streets within the city account for 13 of the top 100 bike theft hotspots in England and Wales.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

As well as highlighting the city of Cambridge, the single worst place in the country to leave your bike was in Milton Keynes, which had 72 bikes were stolen from outside its railway station.

"We'd be able to return a lot more if people knew what they had had stolen. It's no good coming to me and saying it's a blue mountain bike or a red racing bike. People don't have model numbers, they don't have serial numbers and we're unable to return things on that basis

Inspector Matt Johnson, Cambridge Police