Eight more Catholic schools for the region if faith admission cap is lifted

Pupils at Notre Dame School in Norwich. Credit: ITV Anglia.

The Catholic Diocese of East Anglia says it will open eight new schools in the East of England if the proposed removal of the 50% faith admissions cap goes ahead.

East Anglia has some of the most severe shortage of places in Catholic schools in the country partly due to immigration from largely Catholic countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and parts of India.

See ITV Anglia reporter, Kate Prout's report here

Since Prime Minister Theresa May announced the proposed removal of the 50% cap on faith admissions, the Diocese has been looking at creating new schools in Thetford, Swaffham, Peterborough, Cambridge, Cambourne and potentially North Norfolk.

Although there has been some criticism that faith schools create segregation

If they get the go-ahead the academies could be up and running by 2019