D-Day veteran from Ipswich awarded Legion d'Honneur

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  • Video report by ITV News Anglia's Tanya Mercer

A D-Day veteran from Ipswich has been awarded the Legion d'Honneur - the highest French order for military achievement - in recognition of his part in the liberation of Europe.

95-year-old Reg Snowling served with five regiments during the Second World War.

Reg - know as Titch to his comrades - faced brutal attacks, but he was able to help the Allies on their first advance in his role as a tank gunner.

He went on to fight his way through France and Belgium, then Holland and into Germany.

He showed great bravery thought, and even received special recognition for destroying two panther tanks in one shot.

Reg fought his way through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany.

Reg was also in the first regiment to discover the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

He was wounded three times. Like many veterans he still carries the shrapnel - and he had several lucky escapes.

Reg was wounded three times and still carries the shrapnel.

The Mayor of Ipswich today held a reception in his honour to mark the accolade.

Reg says he is honoured by the award - but he knows he is one of the lucky ones.

The Mayor of Ipswich held a reception to mark Reg's achievement. Credit: ITV News Anglia