Four chickens went on the run around an Essex cul-de-sac after being abandoned over Christmas.

The three cockerels and one hen had to be chased through the Rundells Estate in Harlow by RSPCA officers.

Neighbours first noticed the birds on Boxing Day but did not realise they had no one to care for them.

On Wednesday, January 11, they called the RSPCA and officers Lucy Fackerell and Joe White rounded up the clucky foursome - named Babs, Rocky, Mac and Fowler.

"These chickens certainly gave us a run around so we thought it only right to name them after Chicken Run characters.

Lucy Fackerell, RSPCA.

The officers said cockerels were often abandoned because their owners had not realised they could be noisy and needed a lot of time and care.

But the charity is hoping a new home will be found for them soon.