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'We know there are people being kept in slavery in Northamptonshire' - six women rescued in brothel raids

Library picture. Credit: PA Archive.

Six women rescued during raids on brothels by police have been taken to a place of safety.

The action has prompted a plea from officers in Northamptonshire. They say they know people are being held as slaves in the county and want help to identify where it could be happening.

"Thursday’s activity was a success and gave us more evidence that human trafficking and modern slavery is happening in this county.

"This force is committed to protecting people from harm and we will do all we can to safeguard vulnerable people who may be victims of sexual exploitation.

"We know there are people being kept in slavery in Northamptonshire and we need the public to be aware of the signs to look out for and to report suspicious activity.

"This could be multiple occupancy of a property with people being collected early in the morning and brought home late at night.

"It could be that you notice workers are not dressed appropriately for outdoor work including gardening, washing cars or in agriculture."

– Det Sgt Dale Pope.

Five people - aged between 20 and 69 - were arrested after officers from the East Midland's Force Intelligence Bureau targeted two address in Northampton and one in Leicester.

They are suspected of keeping or managing brothels and money laundering offences.

Other properties in Northampton, Birmingham and Nottingham were also searched and found to be operating as brothels.

The six women rescued were taken to a safe place while the five people arrested were released on bail.