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Four months since airman Corrie McKeague disappeared, search teams were once more out looking for him - this time joined by cadaver dogs trained to seek out human remains.

More than a hundred people - including Corrie's mother Nicola Urquhart and the Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue team - turned out in frosty conditions.

They were searching the area around King's Forest and Cavenham Heath, near Thetford - close to where 23-year-old Mr McKeague's mobile phone was last tracked.

So far more more than six thousand hours of searches, covering hundreds of square miles, have been carried out.

The RAF airman's mother admits it is getting more and more difficult.

"In my head, I believe Corrie is still alive that he could still come home, but as soon as I go out looking, I know that's not what I'm looking for.

Nicola Urquhart, Corrie's mother.

This is the second time search teams have called on members of the public to help out. As well as the cadaver dogs, a drone team was also involved.

Andy King, of Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue, said search tactic were having to adapt as the investigation went on.

The Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue team led the search. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

"We're now looking at areas that if something had happened to Corrie and there was foul play and you had to get rid of him, put him in the back of a car, these are areas where you could go discreetly… park up and dispose of a body reasonably easily."

Andy King, Suffolk Lowland Search and Rescue.
Corrie McKeague, who went missing on a night out in Bury St Edmunds. Credit: Facebook.

Mr McKeague was last seen in the early hours of Saturday September 24 in Bury St Edmunds.

After leaving a club, CCTV caught him turning into an alleyway, he then vanished.

Today's search covered around five square miles of dense woodland and was due to continue until night fell.