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Mike Holton from Blisworth in Northamptonshire is backing a campaign to lower the bowel cancer screening age to 50.

Mike was diagnosed with bowel cancer when he was 53 - he says it was down to luck.

He was having his hair cut when he heard about the symptoms on the radio and went to see his GP.

He says he's still here because he had a hair cut - adding he's dodged a bullet.

Now he wants the screening age lowered so that other people's diagnosis is not left to chance if like him they are in their fifties.


  • Anyone experiencing one or more of these symptoms for three weeks or more should go and see their GP:

  • Bleeding from the bottom or blood in your poo

  • A persistent change in bowel habit, especially going more often or looser stools

  • Abdominal pain, especially if severe

  • A lump in your tummy

  • Unexplained weight loss or tiredness

You can find more about bowel cancer here.