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Happy ending for little Laila and her chickens

A six-year-old girl left devastated after thieves stole and smashed her chicken's eggs says she "cried with joy" after kind strangers raised more than £1,000 for her.

Little Laila Henry did not have enough money to feed her chickens after the eggs - which she sold from a stand at her home in Hessett near Bury St Edmunds - was targeted.

For two two, up to 30 eggs a day were stolen and smashed.

A family friend set up a fundraising page to help the schoolgirl recover her losses.

But it has been more successful than they expected - raising more than £1,200 in just a couple of weeks.

"It made me feel really happy and I cried with joy and I want to thank them with Laila's colourful rainbow eggs!"

– Laila Henry.
Laila Henry with her chickens. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Some of the money has already been used to buy the chickens a polytunnel because they need to be kept inside to protect them from the recent bird flu outbreak.

Laila has also ordered enough food to last the next two months - and ordered 30 more chickens so she can expand her business.

"What's come out of this is a phenomenal amount of love and support. It's people who have turned around and said 'please do not think we haven't noticed what you and your daughter do, please do not think it's not appreciated'."

– Kate Mitcham-Henry, Laila's mum.

Laila's mum Katie Mitcham-Henry said one message from an 84-year-old had her in tears.

The little girl said she would not be put off selling her eggs - and now has even more reason to keep going.

"The chickens make me happy and the eggs make other people happy - that's why I'm never stopping."

– Laila Henry, six.