Paralympian has 'no regrets' going public about being forced to wet herself on train

A leading paralympian, who was forced to wet herself on a train because there was no working disabled toilet, says she has "no regrets" about going public about her experience.

Wheelchair racer Anne Wafula Strike was on a three-hour journey just before Christmas when she realised she needed to use the toilet - only to find it was out of order.

She chose not to hide her embarrassment - and she has been heartened by the response.

"I must admit that when I went public I didn't really think it was going to achieve much. "We live in a society where it's so easy for people to promise when something has gone wrong, but to see the rail minister continue pushing, I must say that maybe this is the first step in the right direction." >

Anna Wafula Strike

The Department for Transport says it will take steps to ensure Anne's experience isn't repeated.

Rail firms been ordered to improve toilet access for all disabled rail passengers.

"I want the train operating companies to do far more to make sure if a toilet is out of order, for whatever reason, that people are warned in advance. "In addition, I want to solve the problem at the source, i.e. I don't want toilets going out of order in the first place."

Paul Maynard MP, Rail Minister
Anne suffered the humiliation on a CrossCountry train. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Department for Transport says in the future there will be more information on the availability of accessible toilets before trains journeys begin.

It also says staff training will be improved - but Anne says that doesn't go far enough.

She would like to see trains taken out of service if the toilet is not working, and treated like any other safety critical fault.

"When a toilet is not working that is a hazard. Can you imagine not having a functioning toilet in your house, for example? "This is a public place. They need to ensure that everybody who is using that facility is catered for."

Anne Wafula Strike
Anne says trains should be taken out of service if the toilet is not working. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Anne says she is has been hearing from disabled people across the country who have had similar experiences.

She wants to continue to use her high profile to ensure no one using public transport has to feel like a second class passenger.

Anne has been hearing from people across the UK with similar experiences. Credit: ITV News Anglia