Almost 2,500 packets of illegal cigarettes and 134 pouches of illegal hand rolling tobacco have been discovered in a series of raids across Northamptonshire.

Trading Standards, with the help of the police and trained sniffer dogs uncovered the illicit tobacco concealed in premises in Northampton, Kettering and Corby.

The raids took place on Tuesday, February 22 with the help of sniffer dogs Yo-Yo, Phoebe, Scamp and Harry from BWY Canine, the specialist agency that provides detection dogs.

Just a selection of the illegal tobacco found. Credit: Northants County Council

All tobacco sold in the UK must have certain warnings in English and also a picture warning, so anyone buying illegal tobacco will know straight away that it's not legal.

Investigations are now ongoing as a result of the raids.

Credit: Northants County Council

“Illegal cigarettes not only pose a risk to people’s health but those involved in their sale are often linked to other forms of criminal activity, including drug dealing, money laundering, people trafficking and even terrorism.

Cllr André González de Savage, County Council Deputy Leader