Police will begin a full-scale search of part of a landfill site at Milton in Cambridgeshire this week as part of the investigation to find missing airman Corrie McKeague.

Following work including building access routes to the area of the site that needs to be searched, and moving 8,000 tonnes of bulk material the full scale search will now begin.

Detective Superintendent Katie Elliott said;

The search is likely to take six to ten weeks to complete, although this will obviously depend on daily progress on the site. We have a large area – around 920 square metres, up to a depth of eight metres – of waste to search through and a plan has been put in place to manage this process to ensure a thorough and comprehensive search is undertaken.

Det Supt Katie Elliott, Suffolk Police
Corrie McKeague

CCTV has shown, that a waste lorry made a collection in the area a short time after the last confirmed sighting of Corrie.

The area of the landfill site where waste collected from Bury St Edmunds that morning was deposited has not had further items put onto it since police alerted the site, early in the investigation.,