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Portuguese couple who live in Norfolk say uncertainty over Brexit is "killing them "

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Even though all four of her children were born in Norfolk, they chatter to their mother Susana Forte Vaz in Portuguese.

But they talk to each other in English. It's what works for this family who've made Thetford in Norfolk their home.

Mum Susana owns a cafe , Mister Prego, in the town. She moved to Thetford from the Portuguese capital Lisbon in search of work 13 years ago and stayed.

And then along came Brexit which has left them asking ....

"What we need to know if we can stay or not ? My children lived here all their lives and they are scared if they have to go."

– Susana Forte Vaz
Susana's partner Joao Noronha edits a Portuguese newspaper in Thetford. Credit: ITV Anglia

Susana's partner is equally worried. He edits a Portuguese newspaper in Thetford.

"This instability it's killing us and making us very upset. We've been so long outside Portugal it would be quite difficult to go back."

– Joao Noronha

According to the National Office for Statistics there are about 3.3M EU citizens in the UK but it is just an estimate. The figure for Thetford is approximately 6,000.

The town is home to a large population of Portuguese, Polish, Lithuanians and Latvians.

Susana and Joao are hoping they have been here long enough to acquire permanent residency and hence the right to work.