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Lives in limbo - the agonising uncertainty for Brits abroad over Brexit

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Ruth and Adrian Charlton moved from Burgh near Aylsham in Norfolk to the Dordogne in France to have a better quality of life.

But then came the vote to leave the EU.

"I was just really shocked, really numb, couldn't believe it and then after that I got angry and then we started to worry what does it really mean for us and it's the uncertainty really. Having come here and sold everything off in England will everything be alright will we be able stay ?"

– Ruth Charlton, expat.
The Charlton family now live near Brantôme in France. Credit: ITV Anglia

There is a carte de sejour residency permit that would guarantee their right to stay in France but you need to have lived in the country for five years. The Charltons have only been there for three.

Expats Ruth and Adrian Charlton Credit: ITV Anglia

Ruth and Adrian are artisan basketmakers and the area is perfect for growing their own willow. They have converted a barn into a gîte which gives them a separate income.

The Charltons home in the Dordogne. Credit: ITV Anglia

"Worst fears is like something we read the other day, overnight we come illegal immigrants and if that happens we could have problems but I just think there will be more form filling and it'll be more taxes and that we'll be allowed to stay but it'll cost us time and money."

– Adrian Charlton, expat
Jude Charlton, 14, expat. Credit: ITV Anglia

"I don't know how it'll affect us. I really would have preferred it if England had stayed in the EU and that and the fact that Marine Le Pen could get elected makes it even worse for expats living in France."

– Jude Charlton, expat.

You can find out more about the Charltons here.

The Department for the Exiting of the European Union today said this : "European citizens resident in the UK make a vital contribution both to our economy and our society. That's why we will be making securing their status, as well as that of British nationals in the EU, a priority as soon as we trigger Article 50 and the negotiations begin."