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Campaign launched to boost tourism to Northamptonshire

A project which aims to increase tourism revenue in Northamptonshire by 50% has been launched at Boughton House, one of the county's leading attractions.

The scheme is being masterminded by David Lowther, who spent many years as a senior figure at the world famous Saatchi & Saatchi agency.

"We've attracted more and more people, who have got involved. I'm really encouraged. People seem to have grabbed it by the horns"

– David Lowther, Former Director, M&C Saatchi
Saatchi & Saatchi's David Crowther is the driving force behind the campaign. Credit: ITV News Anglia
£1 bn
brought into Northamptonshire's economy from tourism each year
£1.5 bn
the campaign's target for five years' time
The campaign was launched at Boughton House - known as the 'English Versailles'. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The number and quality of stately homes in the county is one of the main selling points.

The launch itself was held in the opulent surroundings of Boughton House - sometimes known as the English Versailles.

However, other sectors - including sport, entertainment and food and drink - are also in favour of the campaign.

The campaign's catchline is 'Britain's Best Surprise'. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Posters on the London Underground, billboards and adverts will all play a part in enticing tourists to Northamptonshire.

There is a feeling that the county has been hiding its light under a bushel for too long.

Tourists spend money, which helps generate wealth and jobs locally.

"I think it can have a very positive economic impact. We've got people across Northampton employed in a wide variety of different things - and many of them are involved in the visitor economy."

– Jon Nunn, Leader, Northampton Council
Northamptonshire is known for its stately homes. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The catchline for the campaign is 'Britain's Best Surprise'.

With the man who taught us Australians wouldn't give a four x for any other lager at the helm it will certainly be a surprise if people don't sit up and take notice.