Ponies found dumped in Cambridgeshire field starved and hours from death

Two ponies have been rescued by the RSPCA after they were found dumped in a field in Longstanton in Cambridge.

Six month-old Poppet and eight month-old Pancake had been abandoned and were severely underweight and close to death.

When I arrived, the little black pony was still on her feet but the piebald was collapsed in the wet mud.

Richard Lythgoe, RSPCA

The foals - both fillies - were taken to specialists at the nearby Cambridge Equine Hospital for treatment and care.

Pancake was close to death and needed intensive, round-the-clock care.

Poppet, who was not as badly affected as Pancake, was also anaemic and in an extremely poor condition due to parasites.

She (Pancake) was emaciated, extremely weak and was unable to stand or support her own weight. She was dehydrated and anaemic with a very low blood protein due to heavy intestinal parasitism. Her whole body was affected by this illness, and her heart was unable to beat in a normal regular rhythm.

Vikki Scott, Equine vet
The animal welfare charity received an anonymous call and found the ponies in a muddy field Credit: RSPCA

It comes as the charity says there's been a rise in the number of animal cruelty cases being reported in our region. They think the increase is down to the public becoming more aware of cruelty and neglect.

The RSPCA said this was an isolated incident and were thankfully able to rescue these horses and get them the rehabilitation they needed.

An investigation to find out who abandoned the vulnerable foals has been launched and the charity is now calling for anyone with information to get in touch.

  • If you have any information that could help the RSPCA’s investigation call the appeal line on 0300 123 8018.