Campaign to prevent spread of invasive species in our countryside and waterways

Killer shrimp are a threat to our native shrimp. Credit: Non-Native Species Secretariat

Boat and canoe users and anglers who use the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads are being asked to 'check, clean and dry' all their equipment after use to try to prevent the spread of non-native species like killer shrimp, Quagga mussels and Japanese Knotweed.

"The potential impact of invasive species is significant. Water plants can easily cover a body of water quickly. Some of the invasive mammals and animals can come and be harmful to our native population. But we're not seeing that at the moment. The management we're doing is dealing with some of those effects really well"

Will Burchnall, Broads Authority

You can find out more about the campaign and other invasive species here