The church inviting us to go "champing"

Would you bed down for the night in a church? Credit: ITV News Anglia
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For some of us - the start of spring means it's time to go camping but more and more of us are opting for "champing" - camping inside a church.

The idea started at All Saints church in Aldwincle in Northamptonshire a few years ago.

Now more churches than ever before are opening their doors to overnight guests - to raise much-needed funds.

Adult champers pay between £40 and £50 pounds per night - and that does include a toilet.

All Saints is one of 12 disused churches the Churches Conservation Trust opens for sleepovers.

"The point is you get to spend time in the building, you dwell in it for a while. Most people visit historic churches by quickly opening the door, going "oh, there's a font, there's a pulpit, some nice stained glass" and then they leg it! It's just human nature, they don't really spend the time, but when you stay, you get time to really appreciate the history that's here."

Peter Aiers, The Churches Conservation Trust

IT's not creepy at all, it feels really serene and calming and you just feel really special to be spending time in an unusual place, so, it's not creepy." "A bit chilly?" "It can be, yes, but I always bring lots of socks, extra sleeping bags and things and, once you're in your sleeping bag, and you're in your cosy bed, you're not cold at all."

Chana James, The Churches Conservation Trust