100 years after the Red Baron's triplane struck fear into young pilots of the Royal Flying Corps, it's set to fly again - over Norfolk.

A Holt GP has spent 8 years and £70,000 building a replica of the aircraft the German ace used to terrorise the skies over the Western Front. He's planning to make his maiden voyage in it this summer.

Natalie Gray's report contains pictures from The Northamptonshire Film Archive Trust.

The distinctive bright red triplane was a sight that once terrified British airmen. It was Germany's most famous fighter plane.

And now it will fly again after Holt GP Peter Brueggermann built this replica from scratch even though when he started he couldn't even fly.

"Everybody tells me you're mad you're mad and my children even say you're a nutter but when you've got this idea, and you have to pursue it and you can't stop it, you just have to carry on until it's finished."

Dr Peter Brueggermann

The Red Baron inspired both terror and admiration - during 18 months from September 1916 he shot down 80 enemy aircraft - more than any aviator during World War One.

Manfred von Richthofen was the ace of aces. He prowled the skies in his signature red Fokker triplane, winning one air battle after another. He was finally shot down and killed in April 1918 - dying a national hero at the age of just 25.